Les membres / VIBIOSPHEN

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Biotech Pharma Cosmétique

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Activité principale :

Recherche de thérapies innovantes pour le traitement des maladies infectieuses


Adresse :

Prologue Biotech - 516 rue Pierre et Marie Curie - 31670 LABEGE

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05 61 28 70 31

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Fiche de présentation

Given the important and interdependent human, animal, and environmental dimensions of antimicrobial resistance, the One Health concept promotes a global effort to achieve the best health for people, animals, and the environment. In this context, VibioSphen takes part of the efforts that are underway to develop new anti-infective therapies (bacteria, virus, fungi), to rejuvenate the antibiotic pipeline, develop novel antibiotics, and discover innovative therapeutic strategies for priority pathogens. Based on its pluridisciplinary and integrated approaches, VibioSphen, with more than 6 years of expertise, offers support for the design of preclinical studies for the development of innovative solutions in the fight against infectious diseases.